Job offers

Would you like to join our team?  Do you want a unique work experience participating in first-level research in an emerging field of astroparticle physics? Please check below currently available oportunities at different levels:

Postdoc positions

Do you have a PhD in a related field and are your looking for a 2-3 year postdoctoral contract to expand you professional career in astroparticle physics? Please check this:

  • Postdoc positions in the IAXO project, addressed to excellent young researchers with a recent PhD (or previous experience) in astroparticle physics. 
  • More info: Call_for_position_postdoc

PhD positions

Do you want to start a professional career in astroparticle physics research and are looking for support to carry out a PhD? What about a doctoral thesis on dark matter experimental research in our team? Please check this…

  • PhD positions in the IAXO project, addressed to excellent and motivated students in position to start doctoral studies. 
  • More info: Call_for_positions_phd_postdoc

Research scholarship for master (or equivalent) level

Are you following a master in physics and are you seeking an internship to carry out a master thesis? or have you just finished your master and are you seeking an interships to get a first experience in research to evaluate a possible PhD topic? Please check this…

  • Research scholarship “introduction to research” addressed to students in the last year of, or just having finished, their university degree or master studies.
  • More info: Call_for_positions_studentship

Tenure-track / permanent research positions

We continuously seek excellent candidates interested in joining our group with tenure-track research positions from national (Ramón y Cajal) or regional (ARAID) recruitment programs. Those programs are highly competitive, and offer attractive formulas to get established as a researcher.  They are mostly based on excellence in the candidate’s curriculum, research project and host group. We regularly support candidacies to host these positions in our group. Please contact us if you are interested. You can also find more information on eligibility requirements and past calls in the links below:

Postdoc positions in external competitive calls

We continuously seek excellent candidates interested in joining our group as a postdoctoral researcher, with funding obtained via national (e.g. Juan de la Cierva) or European (e.g. Marie-Curie) competitive calls. Please contact us if you are interested to apply for such fellowships with our support as host group.

Contrato de introducción a la investigación para estudiantes del Master en Física y Tecnologías Físicas de la Universidad de Zaragoza. Curso 2018-19.