Welcome to the homepage of the IAXO group at the Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR)

The International Axion Observatory (IAXO) is a project to build a large scale axion helioscope, to search for solar axions with unprecedented sensitivity. IAXO builds on concepts developed for the 15+ long trajectory of the CERN Axion  Solar Telescope (CAST). As a first step, an intermediate experiment, called BabyIAXO, will be built. BabyIAXO will serve as prototype for IAXO but will already enjoy discovery potential.

The UNIZAR group has a leading role in IAXO (as it had in CAST). Among other things, we developed the low background x-ray detectors placed at the focal point of the helioscope.

In this page you will find information about CAST and IAXO, and more in particular on the research and outreach activities that our group carries out in relation with these projects.

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Resultado de imagen de axion iaxo

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