ANAIS-112 results will be presented this week @MoriondEW21 and Rutgers University – HEX Seminars

Three years ANAIS-112 results on annual modulation will be presented this week:

-at the conference 55th Rencontres de Moriond 2021, EW session. This year in a different format: Moriond@home, but interesting as always.

-at Rutgers University High Energy Experimental Seminars

ANAIS-112 results on annual modulation in the media

You can look what has been said in different media about our recent results on annual modulation and testing DAMA/LIBRA signal.

ANAIS results at The New Scientist:

ANAIS results in May-June 2021 Cern Courier (pag 7):


Programa Ágora, Aragón Radio:

Blog particlebites:

New ANAIS-112 results on annual modulation – three years exposure

ANAIS-112 experiment is taking data at Canfranc Underground Laboratory since August 2017 in order to test DAMA/LIBRA signal. Updated results for three years and 112.5 kg, together with complementary analysis and consistency checks have been posted in arXiv this week:

We confirm our sensitivity estimates and tension with DAMA/LIBRA results (for 2.7 / 2.5 sigma sensitivities in the two energy regions considered).