ERC 10th anniversary

With the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the European Research Council (ERC) an event was organized by the University of Zaragoza. The event was attended by the relevant university and regional authorities. As one of the eight (so far) ERC grants in Aragon (in fact, the first one chronologically!), TREX was represented in the event. It had a high impact in the local media.

This is the University press release of the event.

And here are some links to articles in the local press: Heraldo de Aragón (portada, online ), and El periodico de Aragón.


TREX-DM approved by LSC scientific committee

In its last meeting on 2-3 December, the scientific committee of the Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc has approved the experiment proposal of TREX-DM. The detector is already built in the Universidad de Zaragoza, and would be practically ready to be moved underground. Shielding, gas system and other ancillary systems must be built. The risk analysis study, installation and commissioning of the experiment is foreseen to happen in the coming months, moving the project to the point of data taking by the end of 2017.


The decision has had quite an impact on the local media. See the press release of the Universidad de Zaragoza, as well as in CPAN. Articles in newspapers Heraldo de Aragón, El Periodico de Aragón, Expansión, Aragón Universidad, Aragón Digital, ABC, among others, have appeared, as well as interviews in several radios (Aragon Radio, Radio Ebro,…) and a local TV: